Dear Alumni,

Greetings from XLRI!

XLRI is proud of the large numbers of Alumni who have excelled in their own fields and have won accolades and acclaim from various quarters. For the last few years, we are seeking out such outstanding achievers and recognizing them through our well formulated scheme of Distinguished Alumni Awards. Although the traditional homecoming will not be held this year. We would like to continue to acknowledge and appreciate the achievements of our Distinguished Alumni. Therefore, it is time to start inviting nominations for the different categories of Distinguished Alumni Awards 2020.

For your quick reference the categories are: 

  1. LifeTime Achievement Award -- (LAA) over 35 years of service
  2. Distinguished Alumnus Award – Practising Manager (DAA-P) 20 years of service
  3. Distinguished Alumnus Award – Academician (DAA-A) 15 years of service
  4. Distinguished Alumnus Award – Young Achiever (DAA-YA) 5 years of service 
  5. Distinguished Alumnus Award – Entrepreneur (DAA-E) 
  6. Distinguished Alumnus Award – Allied Fields .
    1. Public Service (DAA-AF) 
    2. Communication & Performing Arts (DAA-AF)

Enclosed Policies of the Distinguished Alumni Awards. Kindly read the guidelines for nomination. We invite your nominations for Distinguished Alumni Awards 2020. May I request you to send the nominations at the earliest. Last date for receiving nominations: May 31st 2021 5:00 p.m.   

With Warm regards,
President XLRI Alumni Association