5th Dr Verghese Kurien Memorial Oration 22nd September, 2018

Day with Dr Jean Dreze

Dr Jean DrezeDevelopment Economist & Activist   delivered the  Dr Verghese Kurien Memorial Oration  on  "Economic Growth and Social Development" at 6:00 pm, 22nd September 2018 in the Tata Auditorium

For full details of the programme please visit  for the following  YouTube  link:  https://youtu.be/qiI9sT8Vk3I?t=2m27s

XLRI Annual Alumni Homecoming & Distinguished Alumni Awards Function

Dec 2nd & 3rd 2017

XLRI- Xavier School of Management hosted two days long celebrations of ‘Annual Homecoming 2017’ on 2nd – 3rd December, 2017Around 250 XL Alumni participated in this year’s Homecoming held at XLRI Campus, Jamshedpur.

This year, the batches of 1972, 1973 and 1977 batch came together for their 45th, 44th and 40th year celebrations respectively.

The highlight of XLRI Annual Homecoming the ‘Distinguished Alumnus Awards Ceremony’ held on 2nd December, 2017. This year 9 distinguished alumni of the institute received the Distinguished Alumnus Awards in 5 categories.

Fr. E. Abraham S.J., Director, XLRI; Mr. C. V. Sastry, President, XLRI Alumni Association, Jamshedpur Chapter and Prof. Pranabesh Ray, Chairperson, Alumni, XLRI were also present on the occasion.

Fr. E. Abraham S.J., Director, XLRI said on the occasion, “I want to express our earnest pride when we read about the achievements of Xlers across academia, industry and allied service fields, both nationally and abroad. They have made us proud as alumni of XLRI and torchbearers of the spirit of ‘Magis’. They serve as notable ambassadors of XLRI in both work and public spheres.” He urged all alumni to live their work- life as role models in both their workplace and in the community at large.

Mr. Rana Sinha, National President, XLRI Alumni Association commented about the Homecoming, “Coming back home is a great joy but seeing the changes and the growth of the campus gives greater joy to the alumni returning after a long gap. The occasion helps us reconnect with old friends and old haunts and savour the new campus, which continues to retain the old culture and spirit.”

Prof. Pranabesh Ray, Chairperson – Alumni, XLRI said, “Homecoming is the annual XL family get-together that strengthens our XL bond and fosters camaraderie amongst all. It revives the family spirit. Our alumni meet their old acquaintances, classmates and teachers and reminisces memorable experiences they had at XLRI.”

“XLRI can claim to have the most active networking of Alumni amongst Indian Business Schools. Every year the alumni chapters have their get-togethers in cities across India and abroad. In October 2014, alumni meets were held in various cities in USA, Dubai and Toronto. In 2008 we had created the XLRI Endowment Fund (XEF) and today XEF USA is a registered non-profit association,” Prof. Pranabesh Ray further added.

For full details of the programme please visit  for the following  YouTube  link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yGSZ0W3shU 

 The Twenty-Sixth JRD Tata Oration on Business Ethics  

Wednesday,  November   29 ,  2017  at 6.00 pm

Dr J J Irani, Former MD of  Tata  Steel and Former Chairman of XLRI Board of Governors   delivered the  JRD   Tata   Oration  on  Business   Ethics on Wednesday,  November   29 ,  2017  at 6.00 pm in the  Tata  Auditorium .     

For full details of the programme please visit  for the following  YouTube  link:  

 https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=GEjdFrULNDQ