We will ensure that your mentoring program is on the right track.

Mentor-Mentee oriented

Many modern mentoring programs are ROI and tracking focused. This is great for HR and the C-suite, but fails to address the actual program participants. The function of a mentoring software or program infrastructure is to enable and facilitate a better mentor-mentee experience. Mentors and mentees are the target beneficiaries of mentoring programs, and yet they often understand less about mentoring than the program head or coordinator, and often receive far less support and attention.

Frequent communication

This is vital. Too many mentoring programs begin with an explosion of activity and die with a whimper. This is because communication either fades out or dies abruptly. While some communication is better than none, to get tangible benefits from mentoring you really need to be conversing with your mentee or mentor at least once every couple of weeks. Setting concrete meeting times and using the right communication forum will ensure that the mentoring fire stays lit

Right Mentee-Mentor matches

Most good relationships in life require a little bit of chemistry, and mentor relationships are no different.Today’s softwares do a great job in matching people based on interests, experience, and desires, but cannot account for that secret sauce. In order to create sustainable mentorships that continue to pay both mentee and mentor dividends, ensure that the matches are right at the beginning of the program

Meet Our Mentors

Pranabesh Ray

PGDPM & IR (XLRI) Fellow (IIM Ahmedabad),Alumni Chairperson

Pranabesh Ray, a senior faculty member at XLRI, did his PGDPM&IR from XLRI Jamshedpur in the year 1977, post which obtained his doctoral degree from IIM Ahmedabad. He had worked with many reputed organizations before moving to academics.

Uday Damodaran

BSc (Phy), Kerala; M.Stat (SQC&OR), Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. Fellow, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore,Professor

Uday Damodaran is a professor in Finance Area. His research interest is corporate Finance, Investments Project Appraisal, Financial Market Architecture and Derivatives and Risk Management.


M. Phil (Delhi), Fellow (XLRI – AHRD),Professor

M.G.Jomon is a professor in XLRI. He earlier worked with Corporate and Consultancy firms in India and Abroad before joining XLRI 2007. He is a gold medallist in Master's from Loyola. He teaches at Doctoral and MBA level courses.

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